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25 left.

A collaboration by Ubel and Spirit.

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In your arms, a place warm with known comfort, I long to return there. Your grip upon my bottom pulls me further onto you as you kiss my lips. I feel you here, I taste you so hot and soft. Oh my dear…I long for those words dripping from your lips. I speak the soft words to myself now and close my eyes. That was then and with me now.

The mountains that once comforted us, are gone. I see the desolation spread before me in a wide array of the diseased and decrepid. I cower away from the beggars touch and file onto the edge of the road behind a throng of nameless. I am unknown here too. My blonde hair contrasts with the common brown locks of every passer-by. Although I appear to be different, no one looks upon me and I admit to myself, my blood runs thick with their genes. I am not what I may seem, but yet, I am his. He keeps me close and holds me dear-even now. Even though he leaves me, I am not alone. The energy that passes through him, passes through me as well.

Meine liebe, I cherish you even now in my frigid lonliness.

On either side of the worn road are clumps of dirty snow. In ways, it appears to be blood and I do not know what this means. The sadness which wells up inside is unknown to me. The crowds which pass me on the road makes no sense at all in my teeming brain. My thoughts run rampant with questions and concerns. My heart pounds deeply and surely strong as i reach the gates of our home. Touching the stone, I listen for the peaceful thoughts of yesterday to save me. I hear nothing, nothing but distant orders and marching. Oh god in heaven, what is happening to me?

Pushing onto the latch, I let myself in, trying so very hard to ignore the screaming babies in the alley way. I cringe at the thought of being alone with myself. I walk through the foyer and onto the stairs. It is a steady walk, no hurry, a languid gate. I am aware that nothing can change. Each step I take reminds me of the

hours before the death of Eva Braun.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

She liked the lies he told…they soothed her, even in the darkness he created.

“Please don’t put me in the closet again. I promise to be a good girl this time.” Penny cried every time he put her in there. He would just shove her in without saying as much as one word. Then he slammed the door and locked it. Penny would sob for hours. The next day, he might let her out and feed her, maybe give her a hug and they would talk. Penny was happy again, as if nothing ever happened.

She used to get angry at him but he acted like he didn’t understood her anger. Penny would refuse to eat and she would sit in the corner crying. He would simply reply with…”Penny, is something wrong dear?” After several times of showing her displeasure; Penny simply gave up and allowed him to do as he wished with her. After all, she trusted him.

Then, as he usually did, he would take her in his arms and show her special love. Penny had grown to enjoy the special love. It was the times that he held her and whispered the lies into her ear that she enjoyed the most. Lie after lie after lie he poured into her little ear and she told herself it was the truth. She believed him and accepted what he said to be the gospel. After all, she told him about the past and all the horrible things that had happened to her. He listened to her stories and comforted her. Then he instructed her on how to fix her broken life. . But all this you see, were details whispered into her ear. He told her things that made the blackness go away, things that chased the ghosts from her hollow hurting soul and then, when she was so full of joy…he would lock her in the closet and leave her to scream. But even though he had to do this she knew he would never hurt her…oh no, never.

Penny refused to believe the truth. One time, when he put her in the closet, she found the truth. As she stared at its shiney brightness, it hurt her and so she closed her eyes. Penny wished it away and away it went. A beautiful lie replaced that ugly truth and Penny felt warmth again. Hours later, her keeper opened the door and helped her out. He smiled and kissed her cheek…but only as he described he would. He told her that she was the best and that she could tell him anything. “Thank you Penny.” he spoke softly in a language much like the written word…kind of like silence but Penny could hear him.

Penny smiled back and followed him once more to the scenario they had created.

innocent girl

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Do you believe in fairies?

A story that will make you question your beliefs, these photos, mostly fake, represent the childhood innocent curiosity in the magical world of 'make believe. Four photos taken by children in the early 21st century were fake, but a fifth photos is claimed to be genuine fairy activity.

This video from the antiques road show explains the story.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I sit in stillness

wide eyes; glassy, staring.

My dress is covered with dust

and my nails are painted pretty.

I see hands; they reach and grasp me

pulling me downward quickly…

I feel your touch, I feel your breath.

I feel your rough fingers

touch my face.

I smile etenally.

Eternally grateful for your affection.

I smile big and wide;

For it is what I was made to do.

Lay me down with you

and I shall close my eyes.

Kiss me gently…

I will not feel it, for I am cold.

At night you sleep

while I stare at my closed eyelids.

And darkness comes to blanket me.

It is here with me, it is my friend.

I do not dream.

I do not think…

I am .

When light cracks through the window

I feel different hands lifting me up.

I stare into a dim room

and you are gone.

I am back where I began.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dream on September 22,2010

Everytime I closed my eyes, the dream would resume.

I was accompanied by a woman and a man. The man worked in some office somewhere and there was a very important reason that we were all together. We arrived at an apartment complex and started to look for a certain apartment. It was on the lower level and was about the third or fourth apartment from the right. After finding the apartment that we thought was the right one, we knocked upon the door. When the very large black lady opened the door, we knew we were at the wrong apartment. That is when we noticed the neighboring apartments just down the way. So, we checked there.

We found the residence we were looking for. The tenents were ghosts and when we got to the right apartment's door, it was already open and waiting for us. We were to enter into the room and speak with those which had long since departed this reality. When we entered the room, the dead spoke.

He was tall, dark haired with green eyes. He spoke of voodoo practices which had taken his life. He had the likeness of Jake Gillenhall (Donnie Darko) wich was very odd. He knew me pretty well it seemed and thought I was attractive. He spoke as he flirted. We I had become quite overwhelmed with his presence, I stepped outside the apartment for a breath of air. When I stepped outside I saw a figure from the corner of my eye. I turned to my left to see a figure in al black fumbling with the door lock on the first ground floor apartment. It turned to look at me and when it did, I saw a skeleton face framed in red. Its fingers were bones and when it saw me, it ran behind the apartment complex.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I will not cry

fore it would be in vain

I feel the wound,

the scar, the stain

I feel your soul

so deep within

tied in knots with

mine and my sin

fused and made

in the love we made

in the thickest form

of the game we played

but I will not cry

In case you say goodbye

I will hold that thought

with the pain this wrought

I will smile with the task

behind my spirit mask

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You are the real behind the imaginary

the one who created the one

the sadness I feel, is stored for you

when you leave too

the marks

a pathway to my dicension

a work of art for somehting

I found much too late

which filled me

with completion

which hurts me with love

and loves me with hurt

the pain of something

unknown I pine for

but i know you

i breath you

i open my flesh

to feel

full moon over delta

Sunday, June 27, 2010

and she stared out her window remembering the way he smiled. She grasped her heart; her invisible heart. It was that meaty pulsing thing that some like to follow occasionally. But she knew better. It was simply an organ, like any other organ; made to function and keep the little tam tam of her pulse going. She sit by the window and stared into her fate.

He would come soon and with him, he brought her new life back to her. He offered her a captivity she knew so well. She shivered.

But she wasn't sure she wanted to relinquish her freedom for a little bit of security. She felt the pull of freedom as strong as the pull of commitment and it drove the knife in further.

"Oh spirit, oh wretched whore; why do you play pretend?"

But this time, spirit did not answer. She waited by the doorway and smiled.

Friday, June 25, 2010

She smiled as she realized the beauty before he
                         she smiled at his face that has come to adore her
                             her secret she kept oh so deeply and still
                         she would keep beyond death and surely until
                     she stepped through the trees and she felt him near
                              whispering sweetness she felt on her ear
                              she heard his voice as it rang through the air
                         she felt herself loved as she striped herself bare
                        the air, it was filled with his hands and his touch
                             she wanted him now, this she wanted so much
                    she peered through the brush at the man who lay there
                         he smiled into nothing as he felt her sweet stare
                              her body it ached at the longing inside
                   she wanted to hold,touch,feel,know and..then ride
                         her pigtails, they waved in the breeze of the day
                           her dress carved her body,upon her it played
                           her feet bare and dirty, her lips quaked in lust
                                her body it wanted till want fell to dust
                            her love lay hidden beneath layers of want
                              so, with her body she used it to flaunt
                         as she knealed before him,her heart wildly beat
               as her body brushed near him, their skin chanced to meet
                        he gasped as she did too, in moments so chance
                            they fell into accident, some silly romance
               but though they knew better and in thought plagued with guilt
                         her breast upon his and his lust to the hilt
                              she felt him inside her oh more ways than one
                         she felt a love that cant easily be undone
               as she softly and gently kissed him and joined his as well
                   they whispered their love as they peered into hell
                     and hell was then gladdened by such beauty as these
                        as they lay in the beauty and the shade of the trees

Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

She waits in cold, dark,depths of night to give to you her eternity.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shadowing, feeling and being the one who is ever so hard to attain. Shal moves with the rhythm of her own being and the being of all that surrounds her. She has almost reached the impossible. To be within as well as without. To be the beauty and the beast simultaneously. Those who do not understand judge harshly.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Sexy legs in red dress
Kase-- The beautiful Southern Belle from south of the Triond Forest. Also known as Dragonflygirl. She, like Spirit, loves to play dress up.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The betrayal

I scampered wildly from the window. My eyes took in the man who slipped quickly through the window brandashing a bloody knife. Turning quickly to and fro, he scanned his surroundings.

"Where the bloody hell is my lady?" he yelled in my face.

I recognized the handsome man at once as Prince Frango and jumped at him. "Oh my come to save us!" I squealed.

Prince Frango's eyes widened as he shoved me backwards. I stumbled with wings flapping rapidly into a wooden post.

"There she is!" The wild prince gasped as he moved quickly to the Princesses side. He lifted her limp form and  looked her over. "What have you done to her?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat and moved toward the Prince. I felt his animosity toward me so I moved slowly. He glared at me momentarily and turned back to Morgana. I knew the prince was still angry at me, so I stopped my advance. "Can I help you Frango?"

"No, just tell me she is okay. Tell me she is fine and tell me what the fuck you did to her." He stared at me and balled his fist. As he began another tyraid, Morgana shifted in her sleep and licked her lips.

"Listen, she is just sleeping. I gave her a little faerie dust to calm her. She was a wreck. She was crying her eyes out. The pirate scared her pretty bad."

Frango dropped Morgana to the wooden floor and stood angrily. "I cannot believe you gave her that dope. I thought I told you to stop flitting around in everybodies business. I thought I could trust you. But, you are a witch, just like all the other witches in this god forsaken kingdom...and all through the Triond Forest as well." Frango's chest moved rapidly from anger and his nostrils flared. "Go! Just get out of my sight, you loose tongue, whoring fairy! Get out of here before I tell the whole kingdom what you really done to the Faerie King in Ilya."

I gasped and turn my face for a moment. Then faced him again with my whole bottom lip between my teeth. Then I sputtered. "You would'nt dare"

"Try me...witch!"

But we didn't have time to try anything. The boat began to rock wildly and screams were heard above deck. Another wild pitch sent me flying into Frango's arms as my wings turned yellow with fear. Frango cringed and reached back to support himelf against a wooden post. "Get the fuck off me!" Pushing me over to the side, he ran over to assist the rousing Princess.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The bobs plotter scratches beside the precedent.

Finding the path.

I longed for the closeness of my faerie family. There whispers in the darkness soothed my restless soul. Even as my hatred grew for that long lost day with the king; I still felt a pull and tug at my heart. I was homesick.

The truth was...I couldn't contain both emotions for much longer. I felt the pressure build intensity while meditating beside the big wooden post. Memories coaxed the the tears to fall upon my breast. Tears that were hot. Tears that claimed me and exposed my vulnerabilities. I hated them...and yet, they seemed to set me free from the intensity.

The bobs plotter scratches beside the precedent. A moment of silliness passed through my quivering body as I rose to continue my pacing. Inside the room,I was alone with a sleeping bound princess. Her whimpers alerted me to my present state of captivity. The pain in my wing allowed me to accept that I was no longer free. I was a toy for a band of evil pirates. Me and my princess...we were destined to be here at this place and time.

Out the small window...I saw a face. He stared with sadness at us and begin to tap to keep our attention. I was pulled to reality as the handsome lad drew back his fist and rammed the glass. The window shattered and shards flew everywhere. I screamed and Princess Maria awoke floundering in her ropes.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Princess Morgana and the Pirate Bo jack

nullnullnullnullI watched the orb disolve with the air as the sun began to rise.

"Take care Spirit dude." The Orb spoke and disapeared. Duffy this faerie's new found friend faded away slowly.

I could feel a strange sadness well up inside me; or was it indigestion. Whatever it was it was bothering me and so I headed back toward the woods. It was time I found a nice tree to sleep in. The sun was coming up and I had to catch up on my rest. I spotted the perfect place to lay my head. It was a thick tree with low reaching limbs; it bekoned to me. I fluttered my wings slowly and lifted up into the arms of my foliage friend. sighing with content, I lay upon my stomach and draped my legs over the sides of the huge appendage of the tree. I propped my chin upon my folded hands. My multi-colored wings fluttered softly; their brilliant colors shimmering as the sun rose higher upon the horizon. I then drifted off into my darkened dreams. All seemed well in my new home.

I slept through the day and into the evening never noticing the weeping girl at the base of the tree. Then a bird nipped at my ear awakening me.

'ouch!!! damnit!! What the??" I jumped up still stradling the tree limb. Bark ate into my bare thighs. I put my hand over my pinched ear and poked out my lips. "Holey king of the faeries--that hurt like hell!"

After pouting, as Spirits are known to do, I shook off excess faerie dust and started to stretch. That is when I heard the strange whiny noise coming from below. It sounded strange and I just couldn't figure out what kind of animal it was. I peered over the edge of my thigh and down at the shivering creature. From this veiwpoint, all I could see was a shaking mass of dark brown hair and lots of flowing red material.

"Wow" I thought, "It's a princess!!"

So I cautiously crept down the bark of the tree landing softly behind the maiden. I looked around the tree and held my breath. I had never seen a real life human princess before and it was just magical.

"ooh..." I cooed and bit my bottom lip. I wanted to see the princess's face which was currently cupped in her hands. The lady cried and cried and now I wanted to cry too.

"Gosh darnit!!! would you just stop that! I can't take it anymore!" I marched to stand in front of the princess and planted my hands firmly on my hips.

The startled princess looked up and her dark brown eyes grew wide with fright. Her full lips trembled and her brown skin shined in its sweat. She was beautiful. Her dark brown hair hung in spiral curls all around her face and down her back. "Gasp...El diablo!!!"

The lady scrambled backwards pulling herself up the tree and quickly darting around it.

"Wait! Wait!"

I didn't know what to do, she looked horrified. I must be really scarey looking to her. I crept closer and started to smiled at her.

"Shhh I am your friend." i spoke holding out my hand as if I was calling a puppy. Then I rolled my eyes.

she tilted her head and opened her mouth to speak. "Habla Espaniol?"

"Un piquito." I responed and giggled lightly. I was no expert on languages but had picked up some choice words from human television once in the distant past. I decided to try English instead.

"I am new here and just wanted to make friends. I mean you no harm pretty lady." I walked closer and put my hands on my hips. My wings fluttered softly and turned a mellow lavender color in a calming attempt. Faerie dust sifted down upon the ground as my wings moved.

Timidly, the girl smiled and spoke in english. "Hello, I am Morgana." She reached out her hand which shook from fright. "I am princess of Triond. It is nice to meet you....uh...fairy."

"Dark faerie, to be exact but that is close enought." I smiled a huge smile showing my little fangs.

MOrgana's eyes grew huge and she gasped. Drawing back she put her hands to her mouth. "Vampire..." she spoke throughther cupped hands.

I laughed and dropped my head. " am not a vampire. I am a dark faerie. We have fangs too you know and trust me, you do not want to know why." I waved my hand at her and took a deep sigh. "Listen, you do not have to be afraid of me, I am your friend."

Morgana dropped her hands and she looked at me skeptically. Then she found her courage and held out her hand to me. Before I could take her hand in a friendly gesture, a loud rustling was hear to our right. We stopped in mid-
handshake and turned toward the loud noise. A gravely voice came mumbling and bumbling from the nearby bushes.

"Damn, shit, fuck!!!" The masculine voice cursed horribly and the bushes shook. Leaves flew everywhere as the unknown thing cursed and screamed and made horrible grunting noises.

Morgana and I instinctively grabbed each other as girls sometimes do when some loud masculine creature is making angry noises. She trembled as my wings turned a bright yellow. "What is your name, fairy?" she whispered.

"I am spirit, spirit from llyria...I came here to escape the wrath of the king." I spoke as my lips trembled.

Morgana looked up at me with fear in her eyes. "Nice to meet you spirit. I just wanted to know your name before we both were killed by some ravenous beast. I think I should know who I am dying with."

" nice."

A raging and growling burst forth from the bushes followed by a big bear of a man with one leg. He screamed as he pullled his peg leg from the tangled brush and peered at us angrily. His peircing blue eyes took us in as he half smiled and half grimaced. "Arrrggggghhhh damn bushes!" he growled as he pulled free and stumbled toward us.

"Well shiver me....ummmmmm...hi there ladies." The big man walked over to us with a frightened kitten riding on his shoulder. He looked down and smiled. "Shit!!" he bellowed, "Look what I found Becky!" He spoke loudly and looked toward his shoulder at the spotted cat digging its nails into his coat.

Becky the cat growled but allowed her master to pet her.

Morgana's eyes were huge and she tried to hide her face in her dark hair. I felt a moment of bravery and released the princess putting my hands on my hips.

"Who are you?" I asked faking courage. I walked forward and looked up at at the big guy with the ...rather...beautiful eyes. My wings were still yellow and i hoped he didnt know what that meant.

The man looked down and tilted his head. slowly he licked his lips and spoke. "Ahh Matey, I am Captain Bo Jack!!!" He thrust his fist in the air and reached down grabbing a hand full of my red hair. Picking me up by my hair, he threw me screaming over his other shoulder and slapped my ass. "You will make me a nice plaything for my ship!!"

Captain Bo looked toward Morgana, who cowered on the ground crying. "And, you my dear, you shall entertain me as well."

The night was filled with giggles, screams and hearty bellows. Captain Bo shambled off with two screaming wenches.

Lil Red

Lil Red
My furry beast...
Welcome to Spiritwalker

This sight represents my thoughts on what lies just beneath the surface of everything around us and our minds. A cosmic marriage of our selves with what is hidden underneath the surface of what is visible. Please feel free to use your imagination. NO further explanations are necessary.

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