Friday, June 25, 2010

She smiled as she realized the beauty before he
                         she smiled at his face that has come to adore her
                             her secret she kept oh so deeply and still
                         she would keep beyond death and surely until
                     she stepped through the trees and she felt him near
                              whispering sweetness she felt on her ear
                              she heard his voice as it rang through the air
                         she felt herself loved as she striped herself bare
                        the air, it was filled with his hands and his touch
                             she wanted him now, this she wanted so much
                    she peered through the brush at the man who lay there
                         he smiled into nothing as he felt her sweet stare
                              her body it ached at the longing inside
                   she wanted to hold,touch,feel,know and..then ride
                         her pigtails, they waved in the breeze of the day
                           her dress carved her body,upon her it played
                           her feet bare and dirty, her lips quaked in lust
                                her body it wanted till want fell to dust
                            her love lay hidden beneath layers of want
                              so, with her body she used it to flaunt
                         as she knealed before him,her heart wildly beat
               as her body brushed near him, their skin chanced to meet
                        he gasped as she did too, in moments so chance
                            they fell into accident, some silly romance
               but though they knew better and in thought plagued with guilt
                         her breast upon his and his lust to the hilt
                              she felt him inside her oh more ways than one
                         she felt a love that cant easily be undone
               as she softly and gently kissed him and joined his as well
                   they whispered their love as they peered into hell
                     and hell was then gladdened by such beauty as these
                        as they lay in the beauty and the shade of the trees

1 comment:

  1. Wow, all I can say is wow, at the picture and the poem, I think I'm sweating now!


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