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Osama Bin Laden is DEAD!!!!!!

More sordid pieces

I have made myself out to be quite ugly. I know what you must think and it is wrong. For the past couple of weeks, I have consorted with a man who could possibly be a white supremecist, nazi skinhead or whatever you call them. When I asked him the truth of this, he denied it fervently. During conversations dabbling in German, my mind has wandered to things that it should not have. I have been studying closely the wavering line between right and wrong. I have fantasized about the deathly romantic relationship between Hitler and Eva Braun and wondered what went on between the two. During this curious musing, I saw visions...visions of standing high upon a balcony looking down upon others. I saw myself as Eva sitting in the snow, crying pitifully.

I started to write poems, switching between English and Dutch-rhyming in the midst of my language transitions. I felt overwhelmed by the strange feeling of deja vu.

I am at this place where I want to run away again. I have revealed too much to my other friends about this new friend of mine who speaks Dutch niceities to me. Although I strongly protest nazi notions to the public, I secretly speak to him and contemplate reality with its thin line between contrasting understandings.

I am very afraid...afraid that I have lost friends who were dear to me because of my curiosity.

I feel trapped and the one friend who has never abandoned me before, may have surely abandoned me this time. I wait for him to come and tell me it is going to be okay

Yet another night passes and he is not here.

Lil Red

Lil Red
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