Thursday, November 28, 2013

failed me not

You did not fail me. I failed myself


And so you kept reading and that is all well and good. I suspect you wonder where you are. The path is dark, the cemetery is cold and all the little things that dwell within the night are quiet again. Listen, listen closely and you may find nothing as a reward for your an answer to the question you never asked to begin with...


She is a part of me, I must say. I am Sherrie, a submissive piece of a puzzle, a slice of the pie and a swatch of fabric made only for the quilt. The dark journal shows the footprints, lays the floor plan and places you firmly in the beginning of somewhere in the middle. You can start here if you like...but you will still be nowhere at all. Take your time, my dear.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hidden doesn't exist unless it is within the hidden confines of our pure soul. We are pure when we are nothing, meditation and realization bring us to the edge of the precipice and give us the opportunity to grow in our empty innocence. Take a bite of something new, dip into the ethereal luxury of your mind's eye. Divulge in elegant and exotic wanderings

Sherrie N Breanna :)

In the rough

In the raw, I struggle, I own myself during my apocalypse. I am doomed to fight this good fight and bring forth to myself the fruits of my labor. I work to divide and conquer this land ravaged by the living dead. My heart is torn and barren, bodies strewn over the land; I am fueled, fired and my gun is burning my hand.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My home

My home is here, with those that accept me. My friend, my wolf, my raven.... I hear the music of the pureness in my solitary. There is nothing that can bring to my heart, the innocence of this place. I hear a lullabye somewhere close and I feel the blood pumping furiously in my veins. I have no regrets, I am not lost and I shall remember.

Waldoxie Witch

I cannot express what lies beyond. I cannot tell you what the beautiful looks like.
I have found a temple within...a fortress that holds and forms me into what I should be.
I have found secrets a plenty, I have found souls in a jar. I have found that which has brought me here to you. A spiritual light has shined upon the falsities of hope and the grandeur of my ego.


Nature is wonderful. I love plant life and I know that it is part of me. Everything and everyone is part of the great one!


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Regardless of how we think we feel, nature brings the truth of our emotions to light. We are simply part of all that surrounds us and we should be quiet to hear what the world has to say.

Lil Red

Lil Red
My furry beast...
Welcome to Spiritwalker

This sight represents my thoughts on what lies just beneath the surface of everything around us and our minds. A cosmic marriage of our selves with what is hidden underneath the surface of what is visible. Please feel free to use your imagination. NO further explanations are necessary.

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