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karen, Kerri Anne, Yuki, Sherrie and Tysha/ the broken girls

Karen, kerri Anne, Yuki, Sherrie and Tysha

We were broken

It was a time that didnt seem to matter. All the hands and breaths of life were just ordinary objects, tangible. We were something of the darkest dreams which thought it was normal. NOrmality
was this that we lived from day to day.
Karen was something different. She was beautiful, made of emerald eyes that shimmered when she smiled. She was untouchable but curiously something to be craved in the deepest parts of your
insanity. I want for you to see her..see her as I saw her then. She was tough and boyish with a charm that could never be denied. A nerdish giggle would escape her soft lips while she read
some deep and woven novel about and lack of understanding of thus. Her long thick brown hair would brush her black leather jacket as she put out her recess cigarette behind the
history building in her sophomore years. Her future children tickled her secret thoughts as she twirled a thick lock of that brown silky hair. And I watched her...all during biology class and
then into Chemistry. Her crafty taloned nails twirled and spun  that hair until her brows met in a quizical look. She shook her head and put it down for a nap to drown out the science
professor. Her arrogance and irriating manner made me want to kiss her until she punched me in the face.

Kerri Anne....oh the pain and the pain never ends with my dreams and thoughts of you. All forms of Anna will flower into perfections. My love, my soul, my there an end to the
troment? Your heaven is jealous of such a beauty as you. Stolen, ripped and torn from your future. I will hold you dear, dear one...forever in silence and the softness that once was your red
red hair. Each freckle, each trickle of tear and toothy smile that charmed the whole of existence will be engraved in my heart forever. Little feet which tread softly through the night
carrying your silken voice to wake the morning. Sleepy head-weep, innocence and soft white skin. EVerything and every beast will be silent at your coming. The birds fly with you, the wolves
run in your paw prints and the spirits bow to your entrance. Keeper of fairies and soother of souls...forver you will roam in blessed bliss within the heart of the dark. Your light will
illuminate the hopless...dear Anna...forever and ever.

Yuki, where are you? I find you sitting by the pool of dreams. You stroke the koi lovingling and then dash away. Your hair has grown lively and long. I wish to push my face into the black and
silken length of it. Your eyes see the truth in the putrid wastes of man. I knew your fleeting presence in times of sadness, i held your quivering body next to mine and wanted to turn your
tears to moans of pleasure. YOur innocence searched my eyes and turned my dark soul to one of light. I see you dashing away in joy. YOu sweet small eyes smiling with a tangled and growing
intensity. Your fragile love is spreading among the sun ripened school girls that roam around aimlessly wishing they were you. You mind is amazing as it travels to other places while you
listen to the babble of unfit lecturers. They cannot catch you, little are sharp and delicious...filled with a hot cherry sauce of a soul...but encrusted in a virgin white flesh...a
delectable delight....your heart is sweet as nectar. me. I am devilish dark chocolate wrapped in an enigma of sort. The time cannot erase me for fear of death's reprimand. I walk with him and talk with him but I will not work for
him...I am despair with longing. Auburn hair flows into my face and I look up with dark eyes of night into your soul. i tell you many things while fortifying the mortarr in my wall. I talk of
this and that spreading the mystery thin with the truth and filling the lies with my retribution. My love is deep, wide and can see as far as the other side. To know me and to see my form is
to question your own sanity. I am darkness, i am mirth and I am part of which has died so long ago. I hold my others close to my breast as my dying weapon of choice. My fickle, self absorbing
beauty only pricks the curiosity for more. I am a carousel of sorts, a queasy ride which makes you beg for more. A brightly colored drug that leaves you putting the gun to your head before
you realize that you are finding salvation. i am pure, free and tangled up with strife. I love the knife. Amimals wait and bear the burden of my fantastical sanity wrapped within my madness.

Tysha was...something to be understood in the most difficult way. I was in love with her in many times and many years throughout our existence. The fatal vampire's victim, the one with the
gray gray eyes and golden hair. Obsession was the cloud that kept her and the cradle which rocked her soul. She birthed many a dark faerie and the dark faerie watched in awe. Thoughts of wavy
 golden grasses and naked hours painting by the eisle were my fantasies of such an earth bound angel. I inhaled her very being, I stroked the love that was hidden until it bloomed into a
flower of decadence. Her short fingers grazed my skin as she told me how the crazy people werent crazy at all. She was the portal, the darkness that I feared and the salvation to be free. Her
orgasmic power overwhelmed and kept me for many years to come...hidden...hidden so deep with the bowels of good intentions...but sinful desires.

the broken girls

Lil Red

Lil Red
My furry beast...
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