Sunday, June 27, 2010

and she stared out her window remembering the way he smiled. She grasped her heart; her invisible heart. It was that meaty pulsing thing that some like to follow occasionally. But she knew better. It was simply an organ, like any other organ; made to function and keep the little tam tam of her pulse going. She sit by the window and stared into her fate.

He would come soon and with him, he brought her new life back to her. He offered her a captivity she knew so well. She shivered.

But she wasn't sure she wanted to relinquish her freedom for a little bit of security. She felt the pull of freedom as strong as the pull of commitment and it drove the knife in further.

"Oh spirit, oh wretched whore; why do you play pretend?"

But this time, spirit did not answer. She waited by the doorway and smiled.


Lil Red

Lil Red
My furry beast...
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This sight represents my thoughts on what lies just beneath the surface of everything around us and our minds. A cosmic marriage of our selves with what is hidden underneath the surface of what is visible. Please feel free to use your imagination. NO further explanations are necessary.

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