Sunday, November 7, 2010

She liked the lies he told…they soothed her, even in the darkness he created.

“Please don’t put me in the closet again. I promise to be a good girl this time.” Penny cried every time he put her in there. He would just shove her in without saying as much as one word. Then he slammed the door and locked it. Penny would sob for hours. The next day, he might let her out and feed her, maybe give her a hug and they would talk. Penny was happy again, as if nothing ever happened.

She used to get angry at him but he acted like he didn’t understood her anger. Penny would refuse to eat and she would sit in the corner crying. He would simply reply with…”Penny, is something wrong dear?” After several times of showing her displeasure; Penny simply gave up and allowed him to do as he wished with her. After all, she trusted him.

Then, as he usually did, he would take her in his arms and show her special love. Penny had grown to enjoy the special love. It was the times that he held her and whispered the lies into her ear that she enjoyed the most. Lie after lie after lie he poured into her little ear and she told herself it was the truth. She believed him and accepted what he said to be the gospel. After all, she told him about the past and all the horrible things that had happened to her. He listened to her stories and comforted her. Then he instructed her on how to fix her broken life. . But all this you see, were details whispered into her ear. He told her things that made the blackness go away, things that chased the ghosts from her hollow hurting soul and then, when she was so full of joy…he would lock her in the closet and leave her to scream. But even though he had to do this she knew he would never hurt her…oh no, never.

Penny refused to believe the truth. One time, when he put her in the closet, she found the truth. As she stared at its shiney brightness, it hurt her and so she closed her eyes. Penny wished it away and away it went. A beautiful lie replaced that ugly truth and Penny felt warmth again. Hours later, her keeper opened the door and helped her out. He smiled and kissed her cheek…but only as he described he would. He told her that she was the best and that she could tell him anything. “Thank you Penny.” he spoke softly in a language much like the written word…kind of like silence but Penny could hear him.

Penny smiled back and followed him once more to the scenario they had created.

innocent girl

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