Thursday, November 25, 2010


25 left.

A collaboration by Ubel and Spirit.

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In your arms, a place warm with known comfort, I long to return there. Your grip upon my bottom pulls me further onto you as you kiss my lips. I feel you here, I taste you so hot and soft. Oh my dear…I long for those words dripping from your lips. I speak the soft words to myself now and close my eyes. That was then and with me now.

The mountains that once comforted us, are gone. I see the desolation spread before me in a wide array of the diseased and decrepid. I cower away from the beggars touch and file onto the edge of the road behind a throng of nameless. I am unknown here too. My blonde hair contrasts with the common brown locks of every passer-by. Although I appear to be different, no one looks upon me and I admit to myself, my blood runs thick with their genes. I am not what I may seem, but yet, I am his. He keeps me close and holds me dear-even now. Even though he leaves me, I am not alone. The energy that passes through him, passes through me as well.

Meine liebe, I cherish you even now in my frigid lonliness.

On either side of the worn road are clumps of dirty snow. In ways, it appears to be blood and I do not know what this means. The sadness which wells up inside is unknown to me. The crowds which pass me on the road makes no sense at all in my teeming brain. My thoughts run rampant with questions and concerns. My heart pounds deeply and surely strong as i reach the gates of our home. Touching the stone, I listen for the peaceful thoughts of yesterday to save me. I hear nothing, nothing but distant orders and marching. Oh god in heaven, what is happening to me?

Pushing onto the latch, I let myself in, trying so very hard to ignore the screaming babies in the alley way. I cringe at the thought of being alone with myself. I walk through the foyer and onto the stairs. It is a steady walk, no hurry, a languid gate. I am aware that nothing can change. Each step I take reminds me of the

hours before the death of Eva Braun.

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