Friday, November 5, 2010


I sit in stillness

wide eyes; glassy, staring.

My dress is covered with dust

and my nails are painted pretty.

I see hands; they reach and grasp me

pulling me downward quickly…

I feel your touch, I feel your breath.

I feel your rough fingers

touch my face.

I smile etenally.

Eternally grateful for your affection.

I smile big and wide;

For it is what I was made to do.

Lay me down with you

and I shall close my eyes.

Kiss me gently…

I will not feel it, for I am cold.

At night you sleep

while I stare at my closed eyelids.

And darkness comes to blanket me.

It is here with me, it is my friend.

I do not dream.

I do not think…

I am .

When light cracks through the window

I feel different hands lifting me up.

I stare into a dim room

and you are gone.

I am back where I began.

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