Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dream on September 22,2010

Everytime I closed my eyes, the dream would resume.

I was accompanied by a woman and a man. The man worked in some office somewhere and there was a very important reason that we were all together. We arrived at an apartment complex and started to look for a certain apartment. It was on the lower level and was about the third or fourth apartment from the right. After finding the apartment that we thought was the right one, we knocked upon the door. When the very large black lady opened the door, we knew we were at the wrong apartment. That is when we noticed the neighboring apartments just down the way. So, we checked there.

We found the residence we were looking for. The tenents were ghosts and when we got to the right apartment's door, it was already open and waiting for us. We were to enter into the room and speak with those which had long since departed this reality. When we entered the room, the dead spoke.

He was tall, dark haired with green eyes. He spoke of voodoo practices which had taken his life. He had the likeness of Jake Gillenhall (Donnie Darko) wich was very odd. He knew me pretty well it seemed and thought I was attractive. He spoke as he flirted. We I had become quite overwhelmed with his presence, I stepped outside the apartment for a breath of air. When I stepped outside I saw a figure from the corner of my eye. I turned to my left to see a figure in al black fumbling with the door lock on the first ground floor apartment. It turned to look at me and when it did, I saw a skeleton face framed in red. Its fingers were bones and when it saw me, it ran behind the apartment complex.

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