Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finding the path.

I longed for the closeness of my faerie family. There whispers in the darkness soothed my restless soul. Even as my hatred grew for that long lost day with the king; I still felt a pull and tug at my heart. I was homesick.

The truth was...I couldn't contain both emotions for much longer. I felt the pressure build intensity while meditating beside the big wooden post. Memories coaxed the the tears to fall upon my breast. Tears that were hot. Tears that claimed me and exposed my vulnerabilities. I hated them...and yet, they seemed to set me free from the intensity.

The bobs plotter scratches beside the precedent. A moment of silliness passed through my quivering body as I rose to continue my pacing. Inside the room,I was alone with a sleeping bound princess. Her whimpers alerted me to my present state of captivity. The pain in my wing allowed me to accept that I was no longer free. I was a toy for a band of evil pirates. Me and my princess...we were destined to be here at this place and time.

Out the small window...I saw a face. He stared with sadness at us and begin to tap to keep our attention. I was pulled to reality as the handsome lad drew back his fist and rammed the glass. The window shattered and shards flew everywhere. I screamed and Princess Maria awoke floundering in her ropes.

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