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Princess Morgana and the Pirate Bo jack

nullnullnullnullI watched the orb disolve with the air as the sun began to rise.

"Take care Spirit dude." The Orb spoke and disapeared. Duffy this faerie's new found friend faded away slowly.

I could feel a strange sadness well up inside me; or was it indigestion. Whatever it was it was bothering me and so I headed back toward the woods. It was time I found a nice tree to sleep in. The sun was coming up and I had to catch up on my rest. I spotted the perfect place to lay my head. It was a thick tree with low reaching limbs; it bekoned to me. I fluttered my wings slowly and lifted up into the arms of my foliage friend. sighing with content, I lay upon my stomach and draped my legs over the sides of the huge appendage of the tree. I propped my chin upon my folded hands. My multi-colored wings fluttered softly; their brilliant colors shimmering as the sun rose higher upon the horizon. I then drifted off into my darkened dreams. All seemed well in my new home.

I slept through the day and into the evening never noticing the weeping girl at the base of the tree. Then a bird nipped at my ear awakening me.

'ouch!!! damnit!! What the??" I jumped up still stradling the tree limb. Bark ate into my bare thighs. I put my hand over my pinched ear and poked out my lips. "Holey king of the faeries--that hurt like hell!"

After pouting, as Spirits are known to do, I shook off excess faerie dust and started to stretch. That is when I heard the strange whiny noise coming from below. It sounded strange and I just couldn't figure out what kind of animal it was. I peered over the edge of my thigh and down at the shivering creature. From this veiwpoint, all I could see was a shaking mass of dark brown hair and lots of flowing red material.

"Wow" I thought, "It's a princess!!"

So I cautiously crept down the bark of the tree landing softly behind the maiden. I looked around the tree and held my breath. I had never seen a real life human princess before and it was just magical.

"ooh..." I cooed and bit my bottom lip. I wanted to see the princess's face which was currently cupped in her hands. The lady cried and cried and now I wanted to cry too.

"Gosh darnit!!! would you just stop that! I can't take it anymore!" I marched to stand in front of the princess and planted my hands firmly on my hips.

The startled princess looked up and her dark brown eyes grew wide with fright. Her full lips trembled and her brown skin shined in its sweat. She was beautiful. Her dark brown hair hung in spiral curls all around her face and down her back. "Gasp...El diablo!!!"

The lady scrambled backwards pulling herself up the tree and quickly darting around it.

"Wait! Wait!"

I didn't know what to do, she looked horrified. I must be really scarey looking to her. I crept closer and started to smiled at her.

"Shhh I am your friend." i spoke holding out my hand as if I was calling a puppy. Then I rolled my eyes.

she tilted her head and opened her mouth to speak. "Habla Espaniol?"

"Un piquito." I responed and giggled lightly. I was no expert on languages but had picked up some choice words from human television once in the distant past. I decided to try English instead.

"I am new here and just wanted to make friends. I mean you no harm pretty lady." I walked closer and put my hands on my hips. My wings fluttered softly and turned a mellow lavender color in a calming attempt. Faerie dust sifted down upon the ground as my wings moved.

Timidly, the girl smiled and spoke in english. "Hello, I am Morgana." She reached out her hand which shook from fright. "I am princess of Triond. It is nice to meet you....uh...fairy."

"Dark faerie, to be exact but that is close enought." I smiled a huge smile showing my little fangs.

MOrgana's eyes grew huge and she gasped. Drawing back she put her hands to her mouth. "Vampire..." she spoke throughther cupped hands.

I laughed and dropped my head. " am not a vampire. I am a dark faerie. We have fangs too you know and trust me, you do not want to know why." I waved my hand at her and took a deep sigh. "Listen, you do not have to be afraid of me, I am your friend."

Morgana dropped her hands and she looked at me skeptically. Then she found her courage and held out her hand to me. Before I could take her hand in a friendly gesture, a loud rustling was hear to our right. We stopped in mid-
handshake and turned toward the loud noise. A gravely voice came mumbling and bumbling from the nearby bushes.

"Damn, shit, fuck!!!" The masculine voice cursed horribly and the bushes shook. Leaves flew everywhere as the unknown thing cursed and screamed and made horrible grunting noises.

Morgana and I instinctively grabbed each other as girls sometimes do when some loud masculine creature is making angry noises. She trembled as my wings turned a bright yellow. "What is your name, fairy?" she whispered.

"I am spirit, spirit from llyria...I came here to escape the wrath of the king." I spoke as my lips trembled.

Morgana looked up at me with fear in her eyes. "Nice to meet you spirit. I just wanted to know your name before we both were killed by some ravenous beast. I think I should know who I am dying with."

" nice."

A raging and growling burst forth from the bushes followed by a big bear of a man with one leg. He screamed as he pullled his peg leg from the tangled brush and peered at us angrily. His peircing blue eyes took us in as he half smiled and half grimaced. "Arrrggggghhhh damn bushes!" he growled as he pulled free and stumbled toward us.

"Well shiver me....ummmmmm...hi there ladies." The big man walked over to us with a frightened kitten riding on his shoulder. He looked down and smiled. "Shit!!" he bellowed, "Look what I found Becky!" He spoke loudly and looked toward his shoulder at the spotted cat digging its nails into his coat.

Becky the cat growled but allowed her master to pet her.

Morgana's eyes were huge and she tried to hide her face in her dark hair. I felt a moment of bravery and released the princess putting my hands on my hips.

"Who are you?" I asked faking courage. I walked forward and looked up at at the big guy with the ...rather...beautiful eyes. My wings were still yellow and i hoped he didnt know what that meant.

The man looked down and tilted his head. slowly he licked his lips and spoke. "Ahh Matey, I am Captain Bo Jack!!!" He thrust his fist in the air and reached down grabbing a hand full of my red hair. Picking me up by my hair, he threw me screaming over his other shoulder and slapped my ass. "You will make me a nice plaything for my ship!!"

Captain Bo looked toward Morgana, who cowered on the ground crying. "And, you my dear, you shall entertain me as well."

The night was filled with giggles, screams and hearty bellows. Captain Bo shambled off with two screaming wenches.


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