Saturday, May 15, 2010

The betrayal

I scampered wildly from the window. My eyes took in the man who slipped quickly through the window brandashing a bloody knife. Turning quickly to and fro, he scanned his surroundings.

"Where the bloody hell is my lady?" he yelled in my face.

I recognized the handsome man at once as Prince Frango and jumped at him. "Oh my come to save us!" I squealed.

Prince Frango's eyes widened as he shoved me backwards. I stumbled with wings flapping rapidly into a wooden post.

"There she is!" The wild prince gasped as he moved quickly to the Princesses side. He lifted her limp form and  looked her over. "What have you done to her?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat and moved toward the Prince. I felt his animosity toward me so I moved slowly. He glared at me momentarily and turned back to Morgana. I knew the prince was still angry at me, so I stopped my advance. "Can I help you Frango?"

"No, just tell me she is okay. Tell me she is fine and tell me what the fuck you did to her." He stared at me and balled his fist. As he began another tyraid, Morgana shifted in her sleep and licked her lips.

"Listen, she is just sleeping. I gave her a little faerie dust to calm her. She was a wreck. She was crying her eyes out. The pirate scared her pretty bad."

Frango dropped Morgana to the wooden floor and stood angrily. "I cannot believe you gave her that dope. I thought I told you to stop flitting around in everybodies business. I thought I could trust you. But, you are a witch, just like all the other witches in this god forsaken kingdom...and all through the Triond Forest as well." Frango's chest moved rapidly from anger and his nostrils flared. "Go! Just get out of my sight, you loose tongue, whoring fairy! Get out of here before I tell the whole kingdom what you really done to the Faerie King in Ilya."

I gasped and turn my face for a moment. Then faced him again with my whole bottom lip between my teeth. Then I sputtered. "You would'nt dare"

"Try me...witch!"

But we didn't have time to try anything. The boat began to rock wildly and screams were heard above deck. Another wild pitch sent me flying into Frango's arms as my wings turned yellow with fear. Frango cringed and reached back to support himelf against a wooden post. "Get the fuck off me!" Pushing me over to the side, he ran over to assist the rousing Princess.

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