Thursday, December 3, 2009

Once, long long ago, there was a small farm on the edge of a small southern town. Yes, I said small twice but who cares. A little family had a little baby and they put it down to sleep without any reason for alarm.

Into the night creeped four daark faeries carrying a bundle of something magically rejected. Yes, a little faerie baby which the faerie king sought to kick out of his kingdom...bastard. He thought he could syphon her exceptional powers of persuasion for use of his own. Ha! Little Kimana wasn't haiving any such thing from that selfish ruler even if he was the king of ALL the daark faeries. When she bit down on his thumb with her little faerie fangs, she immediately drew out all his phallic abilities...ha ha ha ha. Let's just say , that king wont be knocking any faerie boots for awhile.

Needless to say, the four faeries slipped up to the little farm house and switched those babies when no one was looking. Well, no-one but my little shit human brother. Actually, he is my big brother but he is still a little shit. He saw the whole thing, he did...right up looking out of the attic window that night. Yes, he tells me about it all the time.

My human mother went through alot of therapists who finally convinced her that I was really her daughter. She denied it until they put her on a bunch of antidepreesants and electro shock. Poor poor mother, I kinda liked her then...she was like a little kid. Father didn't really question much after I dusted him when he came to get me from the nursery the night after my human counterpart was abducted. Daddy was always cool...until he started taking me to have my wing nubs clipped.

The first appointment consisted of many x-rays and blood tests. The doctor frowned at me alot when her told my parents that I had absorbed my twin in the womb. That was some funny shit. My extremely powerful gift of lucid memory allowed me to retain alot of funny shit from my infancy. I don't know if it is a curse or some sort of dark and dismal gift to filll my hollowness. Then he ordered the maintenance of clipping the little growths from my back on a routine basis. And he said some work would have to be done on my ears as well for the next couple of weeks. Let me tell you something, I am a tough little fairy but do you know how irritating it is to get your back sliced on twice a month and wear silly little bandages on your ears. It is a bitch, I tell you. And when your instincts tell you to fly and you jump up and fall face down on the ground; you begin to fantacize about clipping somethings from some dear dear human people you love.

Basically, I deal with this my own way and try not to poison too many on my way to the faerie destination dwelling in a little pretend human body. It isn't easy being irresistable and trying not to think about what you humans call 'sex' but I am working on it. You see, it is my nature to be the way I am, to drain, to feed. Hell, what do you think these little damn fangs are for...opening bottles or something.

So, go ahead, bow down and get it over with so I do take your virility away. It would be the smart thing to do...and remember ....I love you!

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