Sunday, December 6, 2009

I want to skip ahead a bit to pay homage to some friends of mine. I want to tell a story about the forest that I have come to live in since my exile from the faerie realm. The Triond Enchanted Forest.

It was a year ago when I came to the place I call home. On a cold winter's day, I happened upon a little trail which led away from my usual fluttering grounds. As I was peering deep into the opening of the trail... I felt a tingling curiosity. I had to know what lie at the other end of that wooded path. So, I skipped down the road without a care. Except for the fact that I was a little pissy because of the rabbit that kept thumping my head all morning as I slept. Guess he was just twitterpated.

I heard growls and barks and even little weird screeches as I neared a clearing. There, nestled in the corner of the clearing was a cottage with smoke coming from the chimney. Ummm, warmth called to me as I smiled. I crept up to the little home and peered through the window. And what did I behold but a little furry animal sitting on a recliner reading a book. I could have sworn it was a big dog. It was brown with long floppy ears and the shiniest brown eyes. But something was odd about this dog. He was somehow grimacing in a face much like a human. His expressions were throwing me off a bit so I stepped back and had a little talk with myself.

"Spirit, this is not an ordinary dog." I said
Spirit replied, "I agree but I think we should meet him."
"Oh, I don't know..he looks kinda scary dont you think?" I said
Spirit replied. "Not really;I think he is kind of cute to be honest."
"You think everybody is cute bitch." I said.
Spirit gasped. "You litttle twit...I am not a whore!"

And at that statement, I began to fight myself. I rolled upon the floor biting my arms and kicking my own ass. I had forgotten all about the little creature in the cottage and had proceeded to beat the living daylights out of myself. Just as I was going to give myself a black eye, I heard a mocking voice from behind me.

"Crap...just rubbish!!"

The voice sounded rather stern and disapproving and it only angered me more. I stood straightening my tutu and walked around to the other side of the cottage. I tilted my head and i stared in disbelief at the little floating black devil. He smiled and twisted his pointed tail around his nubby feet.

"Who the fuck are you??" I asked licking the blood from my busted lip.

The little devil grinned again and repeated his evil words. "I think it is crap!"

Confused and out of breathe I questioned him. "What is crap?"

" crap!" He brought a peice of paper from behind his back and threw it to my feet. I stared in curiosity a the little wrinkled peice of post it note lying in the mud.

Without much thought i bent and picked up the note and read it frowning. "How did you get this you little shit?" I looked at the floating devil and back down to the poem I had written the night before, while lying on my mushroom. He had somehow got my post it note and ran away with it. Silly little back biting thieving dark angel had just went and done it.

Before I could say another word, the demon disappeared in a rather nasty poof and I was left standing outside the door of the little cottage. The dog had left his seat and was coming toward the door with an irritated look in his eyes. I stood staring into the darkness as the mut opened the door and cleared his throat.

Instead of yelling at me for being so loud or pointing his finger at me for being so rude; the furry little animal smiled and titled his head. "Why hello there pretty little lady."

Shocked and a little taken a-back, I turned and fluttered my wings. "uh...hello."

"Oh my goodness, you are not a are a beautiful faerie...have you come to take this curse from me?" The dog man looked at me with hopeful eyes and licked his muzzle.

"What?" I couldn't speak;still in shock from the altercation with myself and the floating devil.

"You look tired my dear. Why don't you join me for a cup of tea or coffee; whatever your pleasure." The dog smiled and held out his furry paw.

In spite of my wariness, I agreed and lay my wings down against my shoulder entering the small cottage door. "I ...sure...that sounds nice. Thank you.

The furry creature took my hand and led me into his home then stopped and turned around. "I welcome you to my humble home. What is your name?"

"Spirit...spirit the daark faerie."

He smiled showing his little sharp teeth. "Oh, that's nice. I like faeries. My name is Fegger."

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