Thursday, June 23, 2016

The only name I remember

To know a name is to command power. I wonder about this sometimes and the wondering leads me back to sleep. How can a name entrap a human being and force this human being to bend?
“I call your name and you must do as I say.”
This doesn’t always work, you know, so how shall this work on demons? You’ve seen the movies, the exorcism flicks and horror based movies. In the story, the name of these spirits holds dominion. Once you know the demon’s name, you can cast it back to hell.
“In the name of Jesus, I bind you and cast you out!”
Yes, that works in the movies. It works in reality as well, as long as one condition is met.
This is where my wondering stops, right before I fall from the cusp of sleep. I drift into another place, filled with impossibilities and communions with the dead. I follow a path to a land where names mean nothing and faith is like the blood in my veins. Here I have faith but no name and there I had names with no faith. My quest, within the dream, was to fuse the two together so that I could fight my demons.
The darkness said no, but I kept trying to remember names when I awoke.
One morning I remember a solitary name and with it, faith of a mustard seed. I called to the father with the name on the tip of my tongue. My faith was burning like a grain of hot sand.
“In the name of Jesus, I bind you and cast you out!”
I spoke sternly, with one name on my tongue. It was a name I could never misplace.
It was my own.

“I cast you back to hell.”

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