Saturday, October 18, 2014

Worse thangs

There was once a pathway which led to unknown depth of the forest, and there the sky was blue. I am sure of it. At the water's edge, there in the clearing, I let the cool liquid tickle my toes and embrace the soles of my feet. There, the moon came in with night and the blue within everything disappeared. I am sure the pathway leads to such places that I could not travel.

I stand at the crossroads watching the strange brown man put his guitar away into the black mouth of its hard leather case. I chance to speak.

"Sir, won't you play for me?"

The man looks up from underneath his sweaty brow. It is obvious that he is tired and mane something else is wrong too. He looks down the dirt road and hen back to me. He exhales right before he speaks his mind.

"I'd play ya a tune, but you're on the wrong road and I think it's broken."

I knew I must have looked confused because I felt confused.

"Sir, your guitar is broken? What's broken?"

The strange bown man looked down at the string thing and then chuckled.

"Why it's all broken, my dear. Don't know fo sho if it can be fixed again."

"Well, won't the devil get you another guitar,sir?"

That's when gat strange brown man stopped packing away his guitar and stood. He took one last look at his musical instrument and shook his head.

"E'en the devil get tired of foolin' with fools."

I left the pathway be in case there be worse things than the devil there.

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