Thursday, July 31, 2014

A piece of the real me

I have learned many valuable things as a woman, a woman free for two years, learning new prisms of her personality. Tell me, are these new and wide range of colours an indication of my madness? I think that maybe the alternative of mind have been grouped so because of their willingness or desire to be free. Is it truly more stable-minded to be a background singer, an integral part of the larger whole or the wind beneath some giant bird's wing? Is it truly so to accept the fact that you are too opinionated and so you must desire to take the reigns or castrate the situation?

I think there is a great need to retain something, a secret strength to have no spirit of fear. I am so imperfect and yes, I go to war each and every morning to battle those less than desirable and immoral thoughts. But I betcha if you were to peel away your skin, you would find that w are vulnerable beings, beings that must always keep right sense of a situation. During the process of doing what us right, we must strike aright balance between not being the lunatic and not losing us. It is not as easy as you may think.

Look closer, there is more than just human failure that waits to devour the innocent. There is a pain of loss that spans much further than the death of a loved one... The loss is death of oneself.

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